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Boiler and Pressure Vessel Expert for Accident Investigation and Failure Analysis, and Inspections:

AIS Forensic Engineering has extensive experience in accident investigations and has provided expert forensic engineering that includes boiler expert or pressure vessel expert for failures analysis.

Boiler Expert Engineering and Boiler Failure Analysis

Fire Tube Scotch Marine FTSM Boiler explosion with injury - Investigated by Boiler Expert

As an expert in accident investigation that includes fire related failures and explosions in pressure vessels, piping and boilers AIS Forensic Engineering will determine cause of the pressure vessels, piping and boilers explosion or accident. AIS Forensic Engineering can do a boiler inspection or accident investigation. Inspections of accident is best done when the accident site has not degraded or been restored, for failure analysis can be more difficult.

AIS Forensic Engineering boiler expert can determine a boilers useful life or boilers remaining life. Typically, a client wants to know whether their boiler's remaining life warrants additional upgrades and should they as the owner have time to make arrangements to secure funds for capital improvements for a new boiler and supporting machinery and equipment. Furthermore, the boiler useful life study assist the owner in boiler safety too.

As a boiler expert, AIS Forensic Engineering is very well suited to perform an un-baised Feasibility Study of your Power Plant or Heating Plant. We are un-baised becasue as a non A / E design firm we will not be working with vendors inadvance. All to often, we see feasibility study fall short and not well thought-out. As a boiler expert we provide the second opinion you need!

Failure Analysis: Pressure Vessels, Mechanical and Electrical

AIS Forensic Engineering has years of expertise of accident investigation of pressure vessels, mechanical and electrial equipment. These accidents are sudden and sometimes appear to occur without notice. AIS Forensic Engineering has accident investigaiton experience with:

  • Furance Explosions
  • Fire Balls and Fire Related Events on Piping and Pressure Vessels
  • Steam Condensate Water Hammer Pipe Explosion
  • Highly Explosive TCS or SiHCl3 in HCl facility
  • Shafting or Shaft Failures
  • Water Turbines
  • Steam Turbines
  • Electirical Arcing in Switchgear and Stress Cones
  • Boiler Chimney Fire

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AIS Forensic Engineering was originally founded in 1999 as an accident investigation and forensic engineering firm with a mission to provide excellence by using expert engineering solutions developed from accident investigations and inspection field work and sharing the learned knowledge with clients. AIS Forensic Engineering mission was expanded to be a provider of corporate training by employing what was learned by accident investigations and field or laboratory experience in a traditional class room setting to share that knowledge. Today, Industrial Training School is a seperate enitity that employs the same methods.

AIS Forensic Testing Laboratory Inc. provides expert boiler engineering in forensics and accident investigations and inspections.


Case File: Manufacturing Plant 12-inch diameter shaft failure

Large slurry tank hollow 12-inch shaft twisted from overloading the material's physical properties. The slurry tank had years of acceptable performance. On the shaft side of a support arm from the rake, the fillet weld toe in the HAZ eventually failed causing the outer fiber-stress on the 12-inch shaft to loose the benefit of a continuous surface. Engineering analysis was done when repairs were near completion, they showed the shaft design was acceptable, but the weld characteristics where not.

Twisted shaft Large Shafting Failure Weld Failed


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